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The San Francisco Foghorn is the student newspaper of the University of San Francisco. I started as a scrappy contributing writer and worked my way up to becoming the somewhat-less scrappy editor in chief. Under my lead, the paper's online following (across Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram) has grown 19 percent. We've broken stories like USF ads appearing on Breitbart and written profiles ranging from students using an online escort-service to students on DACA in the face of its pullback. 

Below are the stories I'm most proud of.

USF Ads on Breitbart Slip Through the Cracks

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After USF's office of marketing and communication blocked USF advertisements from Breitbart last December, more emerged this October. Read how this happened and what USF is doing in reaction to the second oversight. 

My Role

I did all writing, reporting and follow-up questioning over the span of one day.


The Art of Public Service: A Q&A With Former SF Mayor Art Agnos

My Role

I interviewed Mr. Agnos over the phone and followed up with emailed questions. I asked Agnos about Leo T. McCarthy, who was a close mentor of his, and Agnos' thoughts on the state of progressivism in San Francisco today. 


Art Agnos is a San Francisco legend. I had the chance to interview him before his acceptance of USF's Leo T. McCarthy Center award for public service.

Bleacher Report story package

My Role

As the recipient of the A. Gordon Gray Prize, I travelled to New York City to cover a USF alumni event at Bleacher Report's Time Square office. Over the course of four days, I wrote a recap of the event, photographed and detailed a tour of the office, and filmed and edited a video with Bleacher Report's president, Rory Brown. I also got to have a "New York City" byline in my articles, which not going to lie -- pretty cool. 


Bleacher Report Hosts Renaissance Man Bill Bradley

My reporting on the USF alumni event. 


Inside Bleacher Report’s Time Square Office

My tour of the offices.

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Over/Under with Bleacher Report President

Over or underrated? See what Bleacher Report President Rory Brown thinks about different  topics in the sports world.


DACA at USF package: Student Profiles and USF's Reaction 

My role

For the student profiles, I found DACA recipients by asking around friends and past sources. I asked a DACA student my podcast, Trump 101, had interviewed. I also reached out to Latinas Unidas members, acquaintances in immigration advocacy, and a writer for the opinion section I was the editor of the semester before. The Foghorn's photography editor, Racquel Gonzales took the portraits and Darwin Velasquez contributed his portrait. For the story on the USF community's reaction, I did all reporting and writing. 

Undocu-DACA look to USF

The Faces of DACA

Student profiles.

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How the USF community is responding.